A Tribute to Veterans

The Marines’ Memorial Association’s 1946 charter established the Marines’ Memorial Club as the first “Living Memorial” in the United States, dedicated as a “tribute to those who have gone before; and to provide a service to those who carry on.”

The entire building is a tribute to the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The halls of the Marines’ Memorial Club are lined with historical and emotional remnants of the past – photos, medals, and interactive exhibits – on display for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

When members and guests enter the hotel, considered one of the best San Francisco museums for military artifacts, they walk through a wrought iron gate into an arcade surrounded by memorabilia dating all the way back to 1775. The centerpiece of the lobby is the ship’s bell from the USS San Francisco, which supported the Marines’ Sailors and Airmen in the Pacific Theatre in World War II, most notably in the Battle for Guadalcanal in November 1942 and Pearl Harbor.

Since the establishment of this Living Memorial, the Marines’ Memorial Club has been a place for Veterans to come together to remember fallen comrades and loved ones, whether attending formal military reunions, meetings, educational lectures or merely enjoying happy hour, they strengthen the Living Memorial every time they share their stories.

Donations and Volunteers

Our members, guests and others interested in military history, donate memorabilia and artifacts for our displays. If you are interested in donating an item or volunteering for this meaningful project, please EMAIL US. Potential volunteers must complete an application for a thorough background check to determine suitability. We appreciate your interest and valuable time in considering this volunteer opportunity.


The Living Memorial Project

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Elements of the Living Memorial

Lobby Displays

The display cases in the Lobby of the Marines’ Memorial Club exhibit authentic artifacts and background information on the Marine Corps’ history as well as individuals who have contributed to the Corps’ heritage.  While history is being read, it is also being written; our lobby displays are updated periodically to reflect recent United States military operations and the patriotic deeds of our service men and women of various eras.

Flying Leatherneck Lounge

The “Flying Leatherneck Lounge” on the second floor, contains a large exhibition of pictures and artifacts about U.S. Marine Corps Aviation.

Commandant’s Corridor

The Commandant’s Corridor on the third floor features photographs and biographies of the Commandants and Sergeants Majors of the Marine Corps.  The pictures of the Commandant’s home in Washington, D.C., the “President’s Own” Marine Corps Band, and the Silent Drill Team at Eighth and I Streets in Washington, D.C. are also on display.

Hall of Honor

The “Hall of Honor” located on the fourth floor, contains numerous photographs and citations of Marines’ and sailors bestowed the Medal of Honor, the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force by an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States.

Hall of Valor

The “Hall of Valor” located on the fifth floor, contains photographs and citations of Marines’ and Sailors recognized with the nation’s second highest award for valor in combat, the Navy Cross.

Memorial Hall

The “Memorial Hall” is located on the seventh floor.  This corridor displays memorial plaques that our members and visitors have requested to honor living and departed loved ones, who either served in the military or were a part of military life.  Please proceed to the following link http://mmamemorialplaques.com/ to locate a memorial plaque.

Fleet Week and Humanitarian Assistance

San Francisco Fleet Week and Humanitarian assistance photographs are located on the eighth floor.  Fleet Week is an annual public event that honors the contributions of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.  The These collaborations of joint military and civilian authorities demonstrates educational and training programs for humanitarian assistance and disaster response missions in San Francisco each year that have become a vital part of the community .

The History of the Bay Area Military Bases

The History of Bay Area Military Bases is located on the ninth floor.  During World War II, the Bay Area was the hub for military deployment in the Pacific with many active bases.  The exhibit is a collection of maps and pictures of military bases that existed in the local area.

Tribute Memorial Wall

Located on 10 Mezzanine, the Tribute Memorial Wall consists of individual marble bricks honoring the fallen men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who have given their lives in Overseas Contingency Operations (OEF, OIF, OND, OIR & OFS Combined) since 9/11.

General E.O. Ames Library and Museum

The General Ames Library is located on the eleventh floor.  Over 3,900 military history books are available, alongside fascinating artifacts that clearly demonstrate our military’s impact both past and present.  This space provides our members and visitors a quiet area to read a book, magazine or military periodical or simply enjoy the large fireplace in the library.